Love From Amy

Our focus with Love From Amy is the level we bring to you when offering any product from the range we have available at the time. 

We have chosen to specialise in products that hold a special place in Amy's heart. As a result, everything we offer evolves from a place of creativity, personability and love! These are the qualities we search for when making purchases for ourselves or our home, so it feels natural for us to share these products with those who can truly feel the difference in our service. 

If there is one promise we intend to make, it's that whatever we did yesterday, will be better today. A strong motivation for this business is to create original products from ancient influences. We try, test, change and scrutinise every single item we work on, and hand on heart find a tremendous improvement to our life with everything we sell. It's why we share our experiences with such passion.

We hope you get excited as much as we do as your browse through our shop. If there is anything you'd like to see from us, feel free to let us know. 

With love, purity and gratitude. 

Amy & Charlie x